Monday, 4 March 2013

(04-03-'13) Wrappings

The other time we planned to make Barrow bags that people would be able to buy as a gift. For many reasons we didn't make it unfortunately. We kept on thinking and fantasizing though. That's how we came up this time with a Barrow Bag that is a wrapping for a small gift.

Here you see how we put some Quinqeliba, Green African tea, in a small brown paper bag, which we wrapped up in a nice and simple yet lovely Barrow Bag. It again is made of the famous water bags.

We will try if it is still a nice idea when we make a big Barrow Bag meant as wrapping for a bigger gift.

Once it is done, we will show you the photo's of it.

(04-03-'13) Here we are again

Well well well, it has been a long time.
But now we are back.
Here is our new and very simple Barrowbag. Still it is made of the environmental unfriendly waterbags that you can easily find along the roads, at marketplaces, in the street, everywhere.
We cleaned the waterbags, had them dried, sewn them together, and then attached the Barrowbag- label.
It is very simple,

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Time out but no Goodbye

Yes, it is true, it is too silent on this blog.
Due to our distance in space we have to take a break until Barrow and I are together again in the real world. We have some things to workout and to sort out, but we'll be back.
Please stay with us. Thanks, Aicha